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Why Jen Electric:

  • NJDOT regulations require every signal device at every intersection throughout New Jersey to be covered, and routinely serviced under an approved preventative maintenance program.
  • Cost effective programs tailored to your specific needs.
  • Accidents and incomplete up-keep of aging traffic signal equipment mean more man-power is being diverted from law enforcement to local traffic safety problems.
  • Modern fleet of vehicles and equipment to handle any situation
  • Qualifications - The people who run Jen Electric have certification, licenses, honors, publishing credits, and have served in a variety of traffic system, traffic related government positions and related fields.

Jen Electric specializes in the supply and maintenance of traffic system equipment, and emergency response, the only service provider in New Jersey to offer this dedicated combination of services.

Are you a traffic systems official with a question? Call or email us: inquiry@jenelectricinc.com, 973-467-4901.

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